PIXEL specializes in providing solutions for contemporary GIS challenges with comprehensive cutting edge latest technology. We provide distinctive services and thorough understanding of the organizational system.


PIXEL's prime objective is to maximize the benefits of our depth, diversity and delivery capability, ensuring adaptability to client needs. Thus bring out the most innovative technology solutions to address the client specific requirement.


PIXEL's builds custom & Client specific applications in various vertical segments, based on specific needs and complexity of requirements. We invest valuable time in understanding client requirements.


by discipline

Geographic information systems (GIS) combine the analytical power of databases with the geographic capabilities of maps to produce reports that show-at a glance-anything from demographic trends to the most appropriate site for a development.



PIXEL expertise in power distribution solutions was utilized by creating coherent databases in a scientific and efficient manner by use of advance information technology.

This has facilitated improvements in planning, implementation and operation of the electricity sector through provision of timely, reliable, sufficient and accurate detailed data which will facilitate its decision making activities. With the use of GIS, we collect, input, edit, store, retrieve, query, process, analyze and output large amount of data at desired scales and projections.


PIXEL offers complete solution for Broadband network design ranging from base map creation, strand mapping to hybrid fiber optics co-axial (HFC) network design. In addition to GIS expertise, PIXEL has the domain knowledge in the area of HFC network to offer complete solution.

Our Niche solution offerings are in the UTILITY MAPPING SECTOR

  • Base Map
  • Field Walkout
  • Strand Mapping
  • Node Layout
  • RF Design
  • Fiber Design
  • IT Infrastructure for HFC Rollout
  • Training / Technical Support
  • Customization / Integration with Enterprise Applications
  • Geospatial Data Management for Broadband Network

PIXEL has done utility mapping over 200 thousand miles of network for the major MSOS (Multiple System Operators) in India and overseas.

PIXEL also offers services for water, gas, power and telecom distribution network design ad drafting.

municipal gis

A decision support tool for planning, managing and maintaining local body or municipality. It includes both spatial and aspatial information required for facility/assets management, tax assessment and collection, solid waste disposal and management of grant of plan approvals/permissions with customized tools. Assessment of land use patterns Assessment of property tax Assessment of land use / floor space index violation Assessment of ownership change / sales transaction Analyze a property for grant of approval / permission

Water Resources

PIXEL offers complete solution for water resources management i.e. to create water information system and to analysis related issues such as:

  • DSS on Water Resources
  • Ground Water Assessment / Management
  • Water Quality Monitoring
  • Surface water Management
  • Hydro-geological analysis
  • Digital Terrain Modelling
  • Tank Information System

Further Canal Information and Tank Information system developed by PIXEL is an effective tool for command area analysis and effective utilization of water resources.


Spatial planning based on assessment of existing environment profiles as well as potential assimilative capacity could help environmentally acceptable development. PIXELís expertise in this area includes development of customized tool for GIS based environment impact assessment (EIA) for environmental sensitive projects such as highways or dams. This system also covers tools for planning:

  • Conservation the flora and fauna of the forest
  • Promotion of controlled farming
  • Conservation of wild life

Health care

PIXEL offers GIS based solutions for visualization and analyzing epidemiological data, revealing trends, dependencies and inters relationships. The health care and insurance packages are planned based on the Analysis done by health care system.

Traffic and transportation

PIXEL offers GIS based solutions for transportation planning, traffic management, pavement/road management, fleet management and wayside amenities planning.

In addition, Road information system (RIS) developed by PIXEL is aimed at addressing the needs of agencies involved in development and maintenance of roads. The system provides complete spatial and non-spatial information about roads and bridges. It also includes rainfall data, soil data, village data, road surface condition detail (video / still images and other e-documents), and traffic index data to provide comprehensive information enabling effective management and maintenance of road network, planning of new roads and upgradation of existing roads.